MK Personal Training is  a boutique fitness studio located in Dooradoyle Limerick.

It is owned and run by Maeve Kavanagh.

Maeve has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge has built her a devoted clientele.

Maeve’s goal is to educate, inspire, guide, support, motivate and inspire all her clients to be the best they can be.

If you are interested in finding out more drop Maeve an email or give her a call,

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Dooradoyle, Limerick
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Bodyweight Glute Exercises

Bodyweight Glute Exercises

Here are some of my favourite glute exercises. They can be performed as part of a warm up to your leg day workout or as a really effective workout on their own. A bench/chair & mat is all that’s required. ⁣⁣

Two ways to perform the exercises:⁣⁣

▶️ Perform as a circuit 40 seconds on & 15  seconds off x 3-4 rounds⁣⁣

▶️ Perform 12 reps x 3 sets ⁣⁣


1️⃣ Single Leg Hip Thrusts (Use your couch or chair). With your back resting just below your shoulder blades, push your knees out, squeeze your glutes and raise your hips until they’re in line with your torso.⁣⁣

2️⃣ Bulgarian Split Squats – Keep your upper body straight, when you lower to squat position drive up through your front heel back to the starting position. Try not to let your knee drift past your toes.⁣⁣

3️⃣ Step Ups (You can use a chair – make sure it’s secure against a wall & step close with full foot on the chair), push through your foot & straight up to standing. ⁣⁣

4️⃣ Frog Pumps – in this exercise you are abducting and externally rotating the hips (heels together and knees out) as well as flexing the lumbar spine. ⁣⁣

5️⃣ Side Lying Elevated Clams – keep elbow under shoulder. Squeeze glutes & keep hips up. ⁣⁣

6️⃣ Single Leg Glute Bridges – keeping your upper back on the floor, engage your glutes, drive through your heel, and raise your hips off the ground until your knee, hips, and shoulders form a straight line. ⁣⁣

7️⃣ Donkey Kicks –  Without rounding your spine, engage your lower abdominals. Your max height is right before your back starts to arch, or your hips begin to rotate.⁣⁣

Overall safety tips ❗️⁣⁣

▶️ Keep your core engaged (think rib cage pushed down)⁣⁣

▶️Think posture – shoulder blades down & back ⁣⁣

▶️ Breathe out on the exertion ⁣⁣

▶️ Remember! mind – muscle connection. Think about the movement & the muscles you are working 🧠 💪⁣⁣

Final tips! ⁣

✅ Write the exercises on a piece of paper & stick it on the wall or where it’s visible ⁣⁣

✅ Have your equipment

✅ Music on ⁣⁣

✅ Timer set (loads of free apps available to download workout timers)⁣⁣

Most importantly – enjoy!!