MK Personal Training is  a boutique fitness studio located in Dooradoyle Limerick.

It is owned and run by Maeve Kavanagh.

Maeve has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge has built her a devoted clientele.

Maeve’s goal is to educate, inspire, guide, support, motivate and inspire all her clients to be the best they can be.

If you are interested in finding out more drop Maeve an email or give her a call,

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Dooradoyle, Limerick
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Get Strong & Lean = Strength Training

Get Strong & Lean = Strength Training


Strength Training is one of the main keys to fitness, health and wellbeing and it can be easily be done from the comfort of your own home.  Just 45 minutes of resistance training 2-3 times per week and staying consistent will enhance your overall health, fitness and lifestyle.

What is Strength Training?

Strength training which is also called resistance training or weight training involves using your body weight and/or some kind of resistance i.e. dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell or bands.  By adding equipment you are adding load to your muscles which will help you get stronger.  A term you will often hear is  progressive overload – this is when you gradually increase the load/weight or the reps/sets over a period of time.  This places a demand on the muscles and forces them to adapt and grow = getting stronger and leaner.

There are so many benefits to strength training:

  1. Lifting weights consistently and using progressive overload will overtime, make you leaner.
  2. Boost your mental health – exercise releases endorphins which help with anxiety/stress. You will feel stronger and more confident.
  3. Increases bone density:  women in particular are more at risk of osteoporosis – training with weights stimulates new bone growth and reduces risk of fractures etc.
  4. Weight management – you build lean muscles using weights which in turn increases your metabolism.
  5. Improve your strength/agility/ endurance in so many other sports i.e. running, triathlons, golf etc..
  6. Improve posture & stability.
  7. Reduce risk of heart disease & diabetes and other chronic diseases.

How to Strength Train and How Often?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), healthy adults should engage in 30-60 minutes of strength training two to three times a week.  Ideally, the sessions should be 48hrs apart to give your body enough time to recover.

If you are a complete beginner, I always recommend starting slowly and using your own bodyweight at the start.  Overtime you will see yourself getting stronger and then you can start adding in weights.

Stronger Together Online Membership

My Stronger Together Programme focuses on strength based workouts which are split up into a Leg Day on Tuesday  and an Upper Body Day on Thursday.  On both days there is also emphasis on mobility and cork work.  We challenge all of the muscle groups and sometimes we hit a muscle a few times in the sessions, which really challenges the body.  We take recovery breaks but not too much, as the emphasis is also on keeping the heart rate from moderate to high.  I cater for all levels and look after everyone from beginners to advanced.

The sessions commence at 6.30am on both days and last approximately 45 minutes.  They are all recorded and available to you on demand within an hour of the session if you can’t make the live.  And you can access the on demand library whenever you wish.  Plus, I provide bonus classes throughout the month, so you can access a pilates session, mobility and some HITT Sessions.

If you want to lean more please visit the platform

As always, please contact me if you have any questions and you can get more inspiration and workout ideas on my Instagram.

See you online soon!

Maeve Kavanagh Personal Trainer Limerick