MK Personal Training is  a boutique fitness studio located in Dooradoyle Limerick.

It is owned and run by Maeve Kavanagh.

Maeve has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge has built her a devoted clientele.

Maeve’s goal is to educate, inspire, guide, support, motivate and inspire all her clients to be the best they can be.

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Leg Workout

Leg Workout

Here’s a leg workout that only requires dumbbells & your own bodyweight. If you don’t have DB’s grab something else to hold.


I have broken the workout up into two stages.

Stage 1: 15 reps and 4 rounds


1️⃣   Reverse Lunge (15 each leg)

2️⃣   Goblet Squat

3️⃣   Curtsy Lunge (15 each side)

4️⃣    RDL’s


Stage 2: 20 seconds on 10 off x 4 rounds with minimum rest in between sets


1️⃣    Jump Squats

2️⃣    Mountain Climbers

3️⃣   Side Lunges

4️⃣   Sumo Squat on Toes


Some points:


✅Keep your core engaged throughout each exercise

✅ Chest high and shoulders back

✅ Knee under hip on reverse lunges

✅ RDL – hinge at the hips with a neutral spine

✅ Aim to land softly on the jump lunges

✅ Sumo Squats on toes will hit the front of your thighs, bum & inner thighs. I generally perform these in my barefeet as you can get up higher on your toes.

✅ On the side lunges, push your hips back as you side lunge & aim to keep knees in line with your toes & chest high.


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Good luck!